How to apply for e-pan card in online in 5 minutes

In this age Aadhaar card and PAN card are becoming mandatory documents for all individuals. The pan card must be linked to a bank account, especially for banking transactions, otherwise you may face major tax problems in the future. However, many people do not know how to apply for an e-Pancard online, and any person can apply for an e-Pancard on their own very easily.

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How to apply for e-pan card in online?

  • Step 1:Open the Income Tax File Department website
  • Step 2: On the current page you will find the Create New Pan, Download and Check Status options. Click on the Create New button to get the e-PAN card.
  • Step 3: However, not everyone can apply for an e-PAN card, as some criteria here say, that only a new PAN card holder can apply for an e-PAN card. Aadhaar number must be connected to mobile. Date of birth on Aadhaar must be given in full. Those who do not have the full Date of Birth in Aadhaar card should first go to the Akshaya Center, correct it and apply for the e-PAN card . Only those who above 18 years of age can apply for PAN card. Also be sure to apply only after reading the terms and conditions of Government of India PAN Card.
  • Step 4:For submitting the application, first enter the Aadhaar card number, then type in the code received, type the otp received in the phone number provided by you and fill in the information given in the Aadhaar correctly. Also you need to fill in your email id code here. The e-Pan card can be easily obtained by doing so.
  • Step 5: After applying, you can check your current PAN card status using the check status. Once the PAN card is received, it can be downloaded and used.

But what often what happens is that as soon as you get this PAN card online, when you approach to your bank account, it looks like a note found message, which means that even if you get this PAN card online like this, you can only connect to the bank account after one or two days.

What are the important things you should know before applying for a pan card?

This means that when you apply for a PAN card, be sure to enter the first name, middle name and last name correctly. Initial should be expanded.If you do not find your location when checking the AO code, select the one that shows the nearest location and enter it. There are three options for submitting a PAN card. One is sign in is a paper method, which means scanning and uploading documents. The second method is to send physical documents. This way you can apply for e-PAN card online without paying any fee.

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