how to view land documents online in Kerala

The most important document about a land is Aadharam. But often problems with the Aadharam can lead to bigger problems when buying that land in the future. There is a need to go to the Registrar’s Office to rectify the errors in the basis and so on. Also, before buying a place, it is important to know if there are any issues with the Aadharam of the site. Here’s exactly how to find information about aadharam of a land using online method.

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To know the Aadhaaram or document details of any land registered in Kerala, open the Kerala Registration Department website in and select the online application. Then select the queries option and click on Document View
. Then select the District and Sub-Registrar’s Office, the office where your Aadhaaram is registered. Enter the year the Aadhaaram was registered and the Aadhaaram number and click on the search button. You will then be given information about the Aadhaaram number you have entered and the name and other details of the person who bought the land. At the same time, you can see the village, old survey number, new survey number and the amount of land transferred.

Where M is the metric measure and F is the measure of feet. In addition, the boundaries of the space may be clearly defined. The previous source information can be seen below.

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You can select the First Page Preview option to view a copy of the registered source. When you do this, you can see the first page of the aadharam . It can be viewed completely free of charge. But if you want to see the following pages, you have to pay a special fee. Clicking on the View Document option brings up two alert boxes. After ticking it, the fee can be paid by entering the name and phone number of the person who registered the Aadhaaram. For this, enter all the details correctly and click on the Go button. By doing this you will be able to see all the pages of aadharam but not to download.

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