How to change photo and sign in  driving license in Kerala ?

The Department of Transportation is now pushing for all sorts of laws to be very strict. Therefore, those who do not follow the traffic rules properly have to pay a large fine. Asking for a license in the middle of such a check and showing it is a huge burden if it cannot be authenticated in any way. If you notice a discrepancy between the photos and the signature of the driver’s license, you will have to pay a fine. Here’s how to change photo and signature for your driving license online.

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How to change photo and sign in  driving license in Kerala ?

The photo of a person who usually takes out a driving license at the age of 18 and takes a few years is likely to make a big difference. In such cases, if you do not prove that you are the person in the old photo, you will be fined by the Department of Transportation. In such a case, the online method of change of biometric in DL can be used to change the photo issued by the driving license.

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Open the browser on your phone and then open the website Click on the Driving License option. Select Kerala in the State Services on DL and then be selected when the driving license is selected. Here you can find all the services available related to driving license. Click the continue button. Enter your driving license number and date of birth.

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4methods for giving date of birth are given. Click Get details. Now you can see the information including the photo according to the license number you have entered. Enter the confirmation at the bottom. Then select State and RTO Office. Click the Proceed button. Your current license address information can be found on the left side of the current page. You can enter all the information you need to enter, such as phone number, village and blood group. Please confirm once again that the address on the driving license is correct.

To change the address, select Change of Address in DL. When you click on the Proceed button, you will see a message saying that all the information has been saved. Then enter the confirmation and click on the submit button. Once the information is entered, it cannot be changed later.

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After checking that all the information is correct, you will get an acknowledgment slip when you click on the submit button. You can see the application status by clicking on the Next button, as well as uploading the selected photo signature of the upload document. Also, a copy of the current driving license must be attested and uploaded.

Click on proceed to payment gateway and pay the total fee of Rs 505 including the change of biometric DL charge of Rs 460 plus postal charge of Rs 45.

Then select the slot booking DL service in the Appointment option to make an RTO appointment. Go directly to the RTO office on the day of receipt along with the application form and fee receipt. Once the RTO Officer information is approved, you will receive a renewed license by post.

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