How to Remove Fog from Car Glass

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One of the main problems car users face is the formation of fog on the glass during heavy rains or when passing through snowy areas. When it rains outside, the fog blows in the same way on the inside as well as the outside of the glass. Often, driving without looking ahead can lead to serious accidents. It is possible to clear the fog in the car glass by paying attention to certain things. The reason for the fog in the car is often the change in temperature inside when it rains heavily outside.

This type of problem can be avoided by using Defogger. Cars using manual AC may be provided with three nobs. Just use the defoger button provided here. Doing so will remove the fog on the inside of the glass.

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However, if there is fog on the outside of the glass, that is, when the vehicle is running with AC on during the rainy season, the fog will form on the outside of the glass. This is automatically removed when using the automatic climate control AC. If the windshield gets fog, and not clearing the glass can cause accidents. Under certain circumstances the temperature should be set inside the car according to the exterior. The fog is removed when the inside and outside have the same temperature. Once the AC of the car is reduced, do outside temparature settings and increase the AC again. The temperature inside and outside the car can be set in the same way.

This way you can eliminate the fog problems in the glass by setting the inside temperature according to the outside temperature.



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