low price used mobile phone in Kerala

low price used mobile phone in kerala
low price used mobile phone in kerala
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low price used mobile phone in kerala : Today, everyone uses smartphones .Especially in the context of Corona, the smart phone has become an indispensable tool for everyone to work from home and study online. But the market for branded phones often comes at a huge price. Here is an introduction to a shop that offers smartphones at very low prices.

All models are available at the shop, where smartphones start at Rs 3,000. The 1 Plus 3 model starts at Rs 6,500. You have to pay Rs 41,000 to buy a new phone like this. The phone with OnePlus 9 R is priced at Rs 35,000 .

You can buy the phone of your choice by exchanging it here at a lower price. You can buy it for less than Rs 8000 at the original price of the oppo reno 6. Most brands of phones like OnePlus, Oppo, Samsung Vivo,Apple etc. are available here at very low prices.The oppo v21e phone, which was used for only three days, is priced at Rs 19,500 and the MI11 liite is priced at Rs 8,128.

realmex7 pro 5G price is 23000.Apple phones are available here from Rs 7000. The iPhone SE 16GB is priced at Rs 9000. The iphoneX starts at Rs 20,000. Apple Air Pods are also available as a gift along with phones.

For those who want to exchange your phones and buy a used phone under the brand of your choice at very low price, contact kovai Mobiles at 9th Cross Cut Road, Gandhipuram.You can also use the courier facility to grab a phone.The contact number is given below.


Contact- 8668141700

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