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Inbox Private Messenger app
Inbox Private Messenger app
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Inbox Private Messenger app : The number of people who do not use social media sites during this period is very low. Many people mostly communicate through social media sites like WhatsApp and Facebook. Not only that, the role of such social media sites is not insignificant in getting an instant update on everything that is happening in the country. But in the meanwhile, WhatsApp users could not use WhatsApp without a verification. Many people were afraid that this would destroy their privacy in use of WhatsApp. So many people are wondering what can be used as a communication channel instead of WhatsApp. The ‘Inbox private messenger’ app is an answer to this. Understand how to use the Inbox private messenger app and the benefits of using it.

Inbox Private Messenger is an app that can be used as a replacement for WhatsApp and works much better than other apps. This app also works by incorporating all the features in WhatsApp. This means that you get the same feel as using a WhatsApp from the moment you open the app. Inbox Private Messenger can be used 100% secure if the privacy policy on WhatsApp discourages everyone from using it. And there is no harm to your data privacy.

Malayalees also have something to be proud of here. This is because the app Inbox Private Messenger was developed by Koshy from Pathanamthitta. Everyone can use this app with full confidence as it provides 100% secure data encryption. With the popularity of this app in our state, it will reach other places and make the person who worked behind it even more proud.



Install the Inbox Private Messenger app on the Play Store on your phone to use the app. When you open the app you will see an interface similar to the one you open in WhatsApp. Therefore you can register the application with your phone number. Then click the Continue button and allow all messages to enter. Just like you can set a profile picture on WhatsApp on the next screen, you can also select a profile photo here and also type in your name. Then by clicking on the pink tick mark below you can start using Inbox Private Messenger in the same way you would use a normal WhatsApp interface.


Chat, call and status can be set in the Inbox app in the same way as in WhatsApp. More features will be included in the app in the future. By using this app your data will not be leaked to another company. It is also possible to set security features. There is no doubt that Inbox Private Messenger is an app that can be used instead of WhatsApp with 100% confidence.

DOWNLOAD LINK :  http://digitkrala

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