All car accessories Coimbatore old market very low price

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car accessories Coimbatore old market very low price  : everyone like to owing a car. That is why many of us are looking to choose the accessories we need after buying a car. But it is often very difficult to get the necessary accessories for the car at a low price and good quality. If we approach any shop to buy car accessories in our town, we have to pay a huge price and we do not have to get the accessories the way we want in our minds. Today we are talking about a shop that provides all the necessary accessories for cars at such a low price.

The original price of the Polo car of 2 horn is Rs 200 but you only have to pay Rs 160.Fog lamp is available for Rs 400. The fog lamp blue color comes at Rs 500. The warm type fog lamp is priced at Rs 600. A packet of three pieces of body mat required for the car costs only Rs 450. Priced at Rs 1600 including the steering wheel hub, these are very useful for those who want to order a car.

This also Available in Blue and Yellow color. The Tata tiago seat cover is priced at Rs 2,000. Seat cover suitable for Maruti 800 and Alto is priced at Rs 1800. The 9-inch Android system TS7 is available for Rs 7,000 including a one-year replacement guarantee. from this uses a full HD camera. Those who want all the accessories required for a car at such a low price can contact F2 Cars at Ukkadam Market, Coimbatore. The contact number is given below.

All car accessories Coimbatore old market very low price



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