8 lakhs budget house plans in Kerala

Many of us want to build a beautiful home at a very low cost. But often it is not possible to build a house the way we want in the budget. When choosing materials and other materials for construction, it is natural for prices to go up. But on a very low budget Fly Ash bricks are used to built a house in Manjeri, With all the amenities, we can realized their dream of a home in the way they wanted in their mind on a low budget.

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The house is built on 1000 square feet and is full of natural beauty. Sitout , living plus dining, 2 bedrooms with one bedroom attached bathroom facility, kitchen and living area with a staircase upstairs and a living space are included in this house. It built with a lot of variation in construction style, this house is very beautiful from the outside. The exterior is painted white and gray. The bottom is made of 8-inch fly ash locking bricks. The 2 bay windows on the front and side of the house further enhance the beauty of the house. The seating area at the entrance to the house is used 4 * 2 size tiles. The seating area roof is provided by Everest brand HD board. It is waterproof. The sitout is tiled on both sides with sloping steps. The front door is made of steel and is ready-made.

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Inside, the living space is provided with a large dining area. The bay window made of GI pipes adds to the beauty of the living room and dining area. There is also a small showcase section here. From the dining area to the side, there is a washing area and a bathroom. The first bedroom is 9 * 11 in size. Here is a bed five feet in size. Concrete windows are provided on both sides. Fabrication shutters are provided for these. Wardrobe space is provided on the side. Second bedroom is given in 9 * 12 size. Some parts have been left unplastered in a way that highlights the fly ash interlock breaking beauty. The bathroom is set with a small passage from here to the side. A washbasin is provided on the side.

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The standard kitchen has a sink on the side, storage space, a fridge and shelves on the side. The staircase provided by the living area is used by industrial work. The wood used in the staircase is of second quality to reduce the cost. The top is industrial worked sheet used. A small space is provided on the side when entering the stair. It can be used as a study area or as a fabric ironing area. Kavi is used on the first floor. A small bed is set here. Two windows are provided on either side. Where a small cupboard is fitted. The house with all the amenities cost Rs 8 lakh. Watch the video to know more.

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