How to Check Land Value in Kerala – Fair Value of Land online

Land value in Kerala – FAIR VALUE OF LAND : Those who intend to buy a land, of their own should definitely know what the price of that property is. Often when you seek the help of brokers they will charge you a huge price. This can lead to a variety of financial losses. And if you buy land with any kind of problem for a big bunch, there will be big problems in the future. Now you can find out the price of any land by yourself by looking at the Revenue Department website. Let’s see what to do to check the value of a piece of land.

How to check the fair value of land in Kerala?

Open the Kerala Registration Website Now on the resulting page click on the option click hear to Search Fair Value of Land. Now on the page you get, enter all the information about the place you want to know exactly. The first four columns must be filled out. You can check the basis for giving the resurvey number given below.

The subdivision number may be given in the section labeled Resurve Number. in the section provided with a list of sources. If there is a tax receipt instead of the base, look for the resurve number given on the left. The re-survey number should be given without subdivision. Then click on the View Fair Value button.

On the present page, the fair value is given as 1 R.1 R is 2.47. If one cent of your space is divided by a value of 2.47, the fair value of one cent of space is captured. In the same way you can find the fair value of the land you want.

If you search by the survey number of a place, you will get the share value of the land that belong only to that sub-division. If your place is not included in that list, check the other two lists below, and if your level does not provide fair value, you must submit an application to the RDO for pricing of the property. If it seems that the fair value given in the list is too high, an application will be submitted to the RDO, which will reconsider and determine the appropriate price. You can find the fair value of a place online by using any of the methods given above.

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