MAPS.ME: Offline maps GPS Nav-without internet?

MAPS.ME: Offline maps GPS Nav : Apps like Google Map are now mainly used by everyone in case they don’t know the way when it comes to long distance travel and so on. However, if the network is intermittently lost or there is a road block, it is often not possible to proceed with the map. Therefore, it is not always possible to use online map applications at all.

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How to use a map without internet?


Here is a map application that you can use anywhere without a network. is an application that can be used on Android phones and ios phones alike. This application, which can be used the same way in all countries, requires you to select the state where you live and download the entire map to work. After downloading and opening the application, click on the three dots on the right. You can then select the location you want in the search bar and use the map of that location when you click the search button.

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Features of application

  • 1)Used in offline mode, so it is easy to use without network.
  • 2)Used in free of cost
  • 3)Easy to navigate from one location to another location
  • 4)Available in all locations.

android app :

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ios app :

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