How To Calculate The Square Feet Of A Home – Easy Formula

Calculate The Square Feet Of A Home :  One thing that is often heard is how much square feet this house has. That is, the size of the house can be found according to the square feet of the house. Now most of the houses in our place are designed in a luxurious manner. Therefore the square feet is also higher. However, when it comes to tiling for flooring, often not knowing how to calculate the square feet to find the area can cause a variety of problems. Here’s how to properly calculate the square feet of a house.

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How To Calculate The Square Feet Of A Home

That is, square feet is the area of ​​a house. The area of ​​a rectangular house is very easy to calculate. That is, the equation
length * width is used here to see the area. When building a house at low cost, care should be taken to include all parts of the house in a maximum square shape. This will help to complete the construction of the house in a very cost effective manner. Often when drawing a house plan it does not have to be rectangular.

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That is, many people do not know how to find the area of ​​a square feet if a plan that does not come in an exact rectangle has more cuts. This refers to the area that includes a planning wall as the square feet area. Finding the square feet of the house includes the house wall, car porch area, and seating area. Total area is calculated correctly by the contractor.

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How To Calculate The Square Feet Of A Home
How To Calculate The Square Feet Of A Home

If you have a plan of different sizes, you need to divide the existing plan into different squares and then calculate the square feet. That is, if the plan you have is large enough, you can divide it into two squares. Then find the area by the length and width of each square.

But to see the area of ​​a circular room, one has to take the diameter of the circular work. The diameter is said to be the longest i. For example, if the room is a semicircle with a diameter of 5 cm, then the square footage of the room should be 0.786 * (diameter) 2 * 10.76.

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One cent space means length * width = 40.47. If one cent is required for an equal square, then 6.36 meters is taken. That is, a plot of 6.36 m long and 6.36 m wide can be taken as one cent.

One cent is 435.6 sqft. If your house is 1200 square feet, just calculate 1200 / 435.6 = 2.75 cents to find out how many cents it is. This way you can find the square feet of any shaped plot.

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