Blood donor location Finder app |connect to blood donors with just a Click

Blood donor location Finder app
Blood donor location Finder app
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Blood donor location Finder app : One of the major problems that many of us often face is the unavailability of blood when we need it in the hospital during emergencies. Often the patient does not get enough blood which can lead to many problems. Also, finding a donor on time can be difficult. Here’s an app that will help you find the blood donors at your location very easily in case you find it very difficult to find donor belonging to certain blood groups.


Blood donor location Finder app

This way you can find your nearest blood donor using the Blood Locator app. This app, which has a 4.7 star rating on Play Store, has already been downloaded by 10k + people.

When you install and open the application you will get the option to enter your phone number. Then when you click on the Continue button you will get an OTP to the phone number you entered and verify with it. Then allow your location to and enter message. Then on the next page you will be able to enter all the information like your name, age and blood group. In the Location section, select Use My Location. You will also need to enter your last blood donation date. Click the Submit button. Now you can see information about your blood group.

Selecting the Search ‌ Donor option will allow you to select the blood group you want. You can also select the location you want. When you click on the search option below, you will find information about the current location of the blood group you have entered. You can choose one of these.

Another feature of the Blood Locator app is the option to search for communities that provide blood. It also provides information on the hospitals that provide blood. With this one option you can locate hospitals near you. From these you can also enter the patient information selected by the hospital and the required date of blood transfusion. This way it will be much easier to find the nearest blood donor to your location.

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