Start Rough book manufacturing business – Investment, Profits

Many of us think of business ideas that can make a lot of money at a low cost. Especially in the context of Corona, the number of people who have lost their jobs and returned to their own land is very high. Whatever business idea you choose, it can often lead to huge losses if you do not know exactly how to proceed. We all know that after a long hiatus, schools are now reopening. So there is no doubt that choosing a business idea related to schools can be very rewarding. here we introduce a business idea like this.

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Stationery items are one of the most sought after items in schools. Rough notebooks are one of the most important of these. Although there are many brands in the market that sell such books, the essentials come at a good price. But you can start your own home-based business with very little start up cost. A4 Rough note business can be started with low quality paper with very low investment. Rough notes have to be priced at around Rs 15 in the market.

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What is the cost Rough book business?

80 GSM waste paper is used to make rough notes. The cost of one sheet required for making is Rs.40 for 1 kg. You can make a book for just four rupees. In addition, you will have to spend 50 paise on the stapler and the cover provided above. A brown paper or chart can be used to provide the cover.

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Rough notes made in this way can be sold at school stationery or bookstores. And can be offered near engineering colleges or at book depos.

You can sell an 80 page book for a maximum price of Rs. 12. You will get a profit of Rs. 8 per book. If you can sell 300 books of any kind, you can earn a profit of Rs 2400 a day. It is enough to be able to sell a book like this in four or five book depos.

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If you make a tie-up with the bookstores in the district where you live, you will be able to run this business very well. This business also needs a paper cutter to cut the paper. It costs around Rs 1700. These are available on websites like Amazon. Although paper can be cut in different sizes, A4 books are in high demand in the market.

A large staple machine is required to do the book staple . It also costs Rs. 1700. A4 rough book making is a business that can be easily started and profitable with both these machines and paper raw material.

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