How to Find Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number in online

How to Find Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number in online
How to Find Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number in online
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Find Vehicle Owner Details : An important document of a vehicle is the person in whose name the vehicle is registered. In any particular case, if the vehicle is involved in an accident of any kind or if there is any accident caused by the vehicle, a case may be filed against the person who registered the vehicle. Often not knowing in whose name a vehicle is registered can lead to a variety of problems. Failure to locate the registered person in the event of an accident can lead to a variety of problems. In two-wheelers and four-wheelers, the registration number and the registered person are very important. In the same way you are buying an old vehicle but the things related to its old registration are very important. The registration number can be used to find out the name of the vehicle and whether there are any problems with the vehicle.

VAHAN is a system launched by the Union Ministry of Transport to track the names of vehicles registered on the roads of India.

The website details about 28 crore vehicles lying on Indian roads. The information is collected through various regional transport offices and district transport offices. Just enter the registration number on the VAHAN site and you will get the complete information about the owner of the vehicle in a very short time.

What information’s can collect from VAHAN site?

The VAHAN website is designed to be very easy for anyone to use. Enter the registration number of the vehicle and not only the details of the owner but also all the details of the vehicle are available on the site.

The details are:

  • Name of the vehicle owner
  • registration number of the vehicle
  • Registration date
  • fuel type of vehicle
  • Model and manufacture of vehicle
  • Engine number, chassis
  • Type or class of vehicle
  • Road tax detail of the vehicle
  • Insurance expiry date
  • Fitness certificate
  • registration status
  • emission certificate details
  • PUCC expiry details.

How to get the owner information?

If initially the government used to provide SMS service to know the owner of the vehicle using the registration number, now it has changed to use the Parivahan online portal.

Open the website,Type in the vehicle registration number. Type the same verification code as the captcha given below and click on the check status to proceed option.

How to get owner details through VAHAN site?

To get the owner information, visit the official VAHAN website that is once open select the option” click on Know Your Vehicle Details” it is give on the top side of the menu. After that enter the registration number of the vehicle and verification code and after that click on “Search Vehicle” button.Then you will get all the information and other details about the vehicle that is registered under the RTO. Here all the details are correspond to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988,and also it must be registered all states in india

After tht , You will view the full details including vehicle owner of the car’s registration number you entered. it also including the details about vehicle owner , registration date, city, vehicle model, the number of owners the vehicle used and all other informations.

How to get registration information using SMS?

Using your mobile phone, to know the registration details open the Message application.

Then in the message part type
message space, type VAHAN<space>Registration Number of the vehicle

After that in the recipient number space, enter

VAHAN SMS number: 77328-99899.

Press the send option

Once the message delivered, a message will be sent back with details including the details vehicle name, type, fuel type, registered state, owner’s name, registration certification etc..

If a person want to find the details of a vehicle that had broken the law, using these methods enter registration number and either through the VAHAN and Parivahan portals or through SMS service can be used.

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