Cheapest Price Washing Machine, Grinder Devi Lakshmi industries Coimbatore

Cheapest Price Washing Machine, Grinder Devi Lakshmi industries Coimbatore
Cheapest Price Washing Machine, Grinder Devi Lakshmi industries Coimbatore
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In the old days the electronic equipment’s are very less to use, But in now a days washing machine and grinder, fridge are used in every house. In large shops, when approaching to buy such products the price to be paid is very high. And also if you bought that high-priced electronic devices are happened damage and no usage. Most of the people are looking for shops that have low cost washing machines and grinders. Here is a shop you can buy things at affordable price.


Devi Lakshmi Industries offers its own products such as washing machine and grinder at affordable prices. They are pioneers, and have been in the grinder manufacturing industry for over 30 years. From here the 6KG washing machine starts at Rs 2,700. They delivering the product directly from the company to the customer. All the tools required for the washing machine, including the motor, is manufactured on their own company. The 8 Kg washing machine cost at 3300 + GST.

The company provides all the winding and dyeing, required for the washing machine, so there is no doubt about the quality. The complete installation done inside the company.

Small washing machines are mainly designed for bachelors and small they are more usable and affordable. As a normal washing machine works, you can wash the clothes in this washing machine with the same amount of powder as you need when washing normal clothes. Special parts have been made for the water to come in automatically and leave after washing as well.

The high quality grinders also available here
Price range for the table top grinder start at Rs 1,550. They work with 130 watts of power. It also has a system for shredding it is a dual usage system. Tilting grinder price starts at Rs 2650.

Those who want to start their own business with these products purchase from here and start a business. Those who can contact directly and purchase the product in bulk at a cheaper price. If you book the product in advance at the shop and buy the product, it will be delivered by couriered within a day. Those who want to buy a washing machine and grinder at a low price can contact Devi Lakshmi Industries, Coimbatore. The contact number is given below.

Devi Lakshmi industries Coimbatore

No 167, Sanganoor Road, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu ,641006

Contact -934598546

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