Lost your luggage at the airport? Here’s what you should do

Lost your luggage at the airport? Here’s what you should do : Luggage missing at the airport is a common occurrence for those who regularly travel long distances and need business trips. It is often only when the luggage comes out after checking that we realize that they have gone missing from our hands. In cases where more than one piece of luggage is required for long distance travel, they are at the time of checking To check accurately and often we forget. Using this way you can figure out what to do if you lose your luggage at the airport.

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If lose your luggage at the airport during the trip, you can contact CISF to retrieve the bag. For this you can use the website www.CISF.gov.in to get your luggage back online.

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After opening the website with the browser, select the Lost Found option on the right hand side. Click on the Lost and Found Airport and Delhi Metro option. The lost and Found Items page can be found here. There you will be given the option of Airport and the option of DMRC. When you select the Airport option, you will see the Airport Lost and Found Items page. When you select the Airport option, you will also get a list of airports that provide CISF security in the country. Choose which of these is your airport. In the Date section, select the date on which you traveled. Click on the go button below.

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You will then receive a list of all the items received at the airport on the date you entered. If you find your lost item on the list, can contact the Airport Authority immediately. The site provides all the information you need to contact the Airport Authority, such as who to talk to and the phone number you need to contact. It contains the contact phone number, mail id officer name and all the information. If you have lost your luggage at the airport on any of the trips, check it out on the CISF website and get your lost luggage back through contact them immediately.

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