How to make a water tank cleaner

Slurry in the water tank of the house will be a major problem in all our homes. Not only are we often unaware that the mud is beating like this, but we only notice it when the water tastes different. Water containing sludge gets into the food and causes various diseases. Also, if the water is used unheated, it can cause more problems. But it is often not possible to find someone to clean the water tank. If they are handing over to any of the agencies they are paying a huge price for it. Here is a portable device that can be used to clean your water tank in such a situation.

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How to make a water tank cleaner?

A 20mm sized PVC reducer, a 20mm elbow and a 1meter sized 20mm PVC pipe for building a water tank cleaning machine. When choosing a PVC pipe, choose the size of your home tank. To clean the bottom of the tank requires a brush that is used to clean things like the sink in normal homes. It should be cut with a cutter.

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When cutting with a brush, make sure that it does not bend. Then cut the middle part of the brush each tooth with a cutting pliers. The middle part should be cleaned in the same way. Larger holes should be drilled again in the existing holes with a driller. If you do not have a driller, you can heat the with a rod and put it in the hole. But if you use a driller you will get holes of exact size.

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Then connect the built-in brush to the PVC pipe. A bender is used to get the bend. Insert the pre-prepared hose into the pipe. But the pipe must be air tight to fit inside the PVC pipe. If the hose feels loose when connecting, it can be tightened by wrapping a cello tape around it.

Pour a cup of water into a connected hose. Then open the tank and tighten the part of the hose as well. Hold the brush part down and clean the hose as well.

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If you find that the brush fits nicely inside the tank, you can drop part of the hose to the ground so that the mud can gone. If you take a glass of water, you can see how much mud was in the tank. You can clean the tank two or three times in this way. When good water comes through the hose it can be seen that the tank is clean. You can clean your own water tank this way without others help.

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