home appliances low price in Kerala

Today most households use electronic devices like fridge, washing machine and TV. They usually charge a hefty price if you approach the branded shops to buy such accessories. Also, sometimes the warranty and garranty not received after the product is damaged can cause serious problems. Most people are looking for shops that are usually affordable as part of replacing all the home appliances after building a new home. This is an introduction to a shop where the company offers second-hand electronic devices at very affordable prices.

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All the electronic devices in the shop like LED TV, fridge, washing machine, AC and home theater are available at affordable prices. Here are the seconds to change in the name of minor damage from companies. This means that the paint sold here is slightly flaky and slippery. But they often have minor problems that are not recognized by the general public.

The HAIER brand fridge sells for Rs 1,15,000 for Rs 51,000. The premium branded fridge for Rs 200,000 costs Rs 98,000. You can choose from most brands like Voltas, samsung etc..as per your requirement.

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A top load washing machine with very little damage costs only Rs 9,800. All equipment sold here only after checking that it is working properly. Therefore, there will be no issue for product. A washing machine with an original price of Rs 39,000 will have to pay Rs 16,690.

HAIER Four star One Ton Inverter AC 26000 is available here. 11500 standard VESTAR AC is also available for purchase. The most basic model fridge is priced at Rs 8,400. You can choose from a few more features for Rs 9,600. You can purchase only after checking the price online by hitting the model of all the devices.

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Those who want to buy second hand electronic devices of all brands at a cheaper price can contact C22 Home appliances in Kozhikode. Also, if you want new electronic products, also buy them here at a cheaper price. The contact number is given below.


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