Land for sale low price in Kasaragod

Land for sale low price :Here is some information that will definitely help those who want to own a place in Kasaragod district. Vidya Giri is a beautifil place,five acre land for sale in Kasaragod district, about 1.5 km from Badiyadukka . Half of the access road to the site is mud road and the other half is tar road. But the tar road to this place has been passed.

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Five acres of land is for sale. There are thousands of rubbers in the area as well as other trees. Therefore there will be no problems for farming needs and built at home. Two sheds are provided inside the space. As it is a tapping rubber plot, So the required machine is also provided for it.

This is a place where water has no problem even in times of drought as it does in normal places. It is rich in thousands of rubber trees, as well as 100 other species of trees such as acacia, coconut and mango plow. The topsoil is suitable for any crop. At the same time, co-cultivation can be done in the soil.

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This is a very good place to choose for those who want to start ventures like farm. A quartes is provided here for accommodation on the farm. Electricity facility and borewell are also available. The quarters are an ideal place to tie up and stay. The road to the place is Panchayat Road and half of it is tarred.

Those who want to own such a beautiful place can buy it for as Rs 22 lakh per acre. This place is easily accessible from the Badiyadukka, ans Ediyadukka areas of Kasaragod district. The contact number is given below.

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  1. Dont sell the land now…land price will increase soon, because of mullaperiyar isssue, in ernakulam,kottayam,idukki,alapuzha noone will buy land in bulk…kasarakod is a safe the land for sandalwood cultivation…


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