How to Calculate Cubit Feet (CFT) of Wood?

Calculate Cubit Feet of Wood : Usually when we are cutting wood at home or going to the wood shop to make furniture for the house we all see the wood being cut there. But many of us do not know how to find the volume of the wood arranged in this way. It has been learned in small classes but in practical it is difficult to find the volume of the stacked tree when a need arises. Simply use the length * width * height equation to find the exact size of the stacked tree. But the reason for this answer is that there is no waste in the tree and the wood is neatly stacked. But this method is only applicable in the case of wood, arranged in a precise manner.

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The other two methods are to find the volume of uncut wood and to find the volume of wood stacked in the wood mills. Let’s take a look at what you need to know to find the volume of a tree like this.

How to calculate volume of wood?

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Wood is usually taken as cylindrical shape. The formula for finding the volume of a cylindrical object is called pi r2 L .Where r stands for radius and L stands for length. But the important thing to note here is that if you are taking all measurements in inches then use the same measure everywhere. Or if the feet are used, must be taken to use them everywhere. Do not mix and use between two units.

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Now you get the answer in cubic inches. This is because all measurements are made in inches. But divide by the number 1078 to convert this to cubic feet. The answer you get now is in cubic feet.

But the shape of the trees may not always be exactly cylindrical. It is often possible to find the radius of a tree, but not in uncut trees. Let us see how to find the volume of wood without using radius in such situations.

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Volume: C * C * L / 1809 is the formula used to find the volume of wood without using radius. Where C is the circumference. It is usually calculated in inches.L is the length. These are usually taken in feet. But here there is a possibility of errors when mixing and using two units. The following number 1809 is used to solve it. Similarly, when taking the perimeter, the average should be selected. Otherwise your calculation is incorrect.

For example, if the circumference of one side of the wood is 50 inches, the circumference of the other side is 60 inches and the middle is 40 inches, then the average is :50 + 40 + 30/3 method can be used. Now you can find the volume of wood after applying the formula using the value you get.

But there is a slight difference in the formula used to find the volume of timber in the native mills. That is, instead of using 1809 in the previous formula, they use the number 2304. The reason for this is that pi value 4 is taken for thwm. There is no change in the rest of the formula. This way you can see volume of any wood you want.

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