SSLC Book Correction : How to make the corrections in the SSLC book?

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Kerala SSLC Book Correction : The SSLC book is an important document about each individual. This is because the SSLC Book is an important deity that includes the person’s name, address, parental information and caste. Therefore, even small mistakes in these can lead to bigger problems in the future. We can now correct many of the errors in your SSLC book. If you make mistakes like this and do not correct them, will face big problems in the future. Therefore, let us understand in detail what needs to be done and how to correct the errors in the SSLC book.


  • NAME OF APPLICANT change in sslc book/ certificate
  • CASTE change in sslc book/ certificate
  • NAME IN REGIONAL LANGUAGE change in sslc book/ certificate
  • CATEGORY OF CASTE change in sslc book/ certificate
  • NAME OF FATHER change in sslc book/ certificate
  • RELIGION change in sslc book/ certificate
  • NAME OF MOTHER change in sslc book/ certificate
  • SEX change in sslc book/ certificate
  • IDENTIFICATION MARKS change in sslc book/ certificate

How to make the corrections in the SSLC Certificates?

The application for correction of errors in the SSLC book should be made offline. An application form should be printed out, filled in and submitted offline. For this you have to send pareeksha bhavan a certificate issued by the Headmaster or Mistress of the school where you studied SSLC. Using this application you can edit 12 corrections.

This includes the student’s name, language, father’s name, mother’s name, identification mark, place of birth, caste, religion, nationality address.

You can use the link on the pareeksha Bhavan website to download the application. After downloading the application form from the site, fill in all the details like your name, father’s name, mother’s name and write down the SSLC register number and the year the exam was written. If you have any correction in the SSLC book, you will have to pay a challan of Rs. 30 to correct it.

The challan required to rectify the error should be paid through the treasury or sub-treasury. The head of account used for this is 0202-01-102-92.

If you want to change the date of birth given in your SSLC book, you can only give what the birth certificate given. Fill in a declaration form in which all the details like your name and address should be given. Minorities can use their parent’s information. A person over the age of 18 is required to provide his / her own name and signature on the declaration form.

If it is after 15 years to correct the mistakes in the SSLC book then the government order has to be obtained. After filling all the forms properly, the required documents can be attached and sent to the examination center. If it is the date of birth that you need to correct, then submit the required documents such as Birth Certificate and Cast Certificate if the cast of correction is required. The original certificate of the documents to be corrected and three copies attested by the Gazette Officer are required. It has to pay a challan of Rs 30 and submit its receipt along with the application. The address to which the application should be submitted is given below. You will receive a corrected certificate two months after submitting the application.


Joint commissioner

Pareeksha bhavan

Office of the commissioner of Government examinations

Poojappura, Thiruvanathapuram, kerala-695 012,ph-0471-2546800

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