Land For sale low price in ManhamPara Kasaragod

Many people like to buy land to build a house. The reason for this is that it helps to buy enough land in the desired area and build the house at wish. This is a very useful information for those looking for a plot in Kasaragod district. ManhamPara is located at a distance of 7 km from Mulleriya town in Kasaragod district. To know the other features of this place which is located not far from the town.

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This is a great place to look for a home in Kasaragod district. The road is given to the plot. This is a very suitable area for buying a house. Given here is a plot that is a good choice for those who want to tie the quarters.10 cents land for sale in this one place which is located close to Manhampara English Medium Majlis School.

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A bor well may be required as the water in it is less difficult. But there is no doubt that if a bore well is dug, it is definitely a place where water is available. Close to the 10 cent plot with all facilities like English Medium School, Anganwadi, Health Center, Church, Temple 3 km away, Christian Church 6 km away. Also, as there is a direct road to the place, there is no problem for travel facilities.

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This is definitely an ideal place for those who want to buy a plot with the road with all amenities. Adjacent to this, all the places have been sold out. So you can choose this place with full confidence. Those who want to buy the plot can contact the number given below.

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