Kinemaster Video Editing Full Tutorial 2021

Kinemaster Video Editing Tutorial : Most people today are bloggers and vloggers who make a lot of money online. But a major problem that people often face is how to edit videos taken with a mobile phone. There are a number of things to keep in mind, especially when editing video with an app like kinemaster. Here are the things to look for when selecting and editing videos for YouTube.

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When open kinemaster you can import different videos from thumb nail. Here You can also select edited videos again. The interface you get includes tools for editing anything, like video or photos. Then select a video and a photo of your choice. If there is an extra photo added during this selection process, you can use the option given on the left hand side to delete the photo as.

If you want to cut a part of the video, select it and click on the image of the scissors on the right side. The left side of the photo can be cropped using the trim left option.

If you want the beginning and end of your video to be the same, you can use the’ =’ view on the right. Ads can be provided by selecting the desired area to increase or decrease the size of the video. Helps to mirror more effects. You can also adjust the size of the video to using the adjustment option.

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increase or decrease the volume you want in this video using the volume envelope option.

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What are the options available in the home page?

An arrow can be seen at the top left. Clicking on this will take you to the same page you started with. Here you get everything saved earlier. Drafted projects can be deleted if not needed. Once a video is selected, it can be viewed below as different clips. Only the part to be edited can be clicked on. When you select a video clip it will appear in yellow all around. If want to add a photo or icon of your channel, you can use the Layer option, also use the over all animation option to enter animations.

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If you want to enter any text in the video, move the cursor over the part of the video where you want to add the text and select the text in the Layers option. Here can add custom effects to the video using the transaction effect option. Use the recording option to see how far the video has been recorded. Using these options you can easily edit your own video with all the tools you need.

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