Find My Device: What it is and how to use it to find your phone

Find My Device: There are many features available in the new smartphones. But many people are not aware of all the features that are a part of their handset. That is why many of us are often left wondering how to get our phone back when it is lost or stollen. You have been given a facility to recover a lost phone data right on your smartphone. Therefore, if these are properly understood, it will be very easy to find the lost phone in any situation. Here’s an option to keep the data on your phone secure in case someone steals your phone or something. Here’s how to set find my device on your phone.

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What is the use of find my device option in your smart phone?

To do so, first select the Settings option on your smartphone. Now below you will see an option called ‘Find My Device’. Alternatively, type in the search bar and find the Find My Device option. In the Security and Privacy option is usually found in the Find My Device section. In the option now available, on Find My Device.

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If you have lost your phone after turning on the Find My option, use it to find another phone. To do this, install the Google App Find My Device on the phone are using to locate the phone. Then open the application and type in the email id of the missing phone. Select the sign in as a guest option.

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Then select and enter the password. grant application permission. Now can see the location of all of the phones using the mail ID on the interface you get. Only select your lost phone. Now at the bottom is the details of the lost phone. If you select the Play Sound option, the lost phone will ring. This way you can find the phone very quickly if you have forgotten it at home.

Selecting the Secure Device option allows you to send a message to the lost phone as if it were on a lock screen. You can also enter your phone number here. This will allow them to send a message to the recipient of the lost phone. The data on the lost phone can be permanently deleted using the erase device option. Also, the location where the phone is now located on the interface may be given on the app. This way you can easily find your lost phone.

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