How to increase your mobile network speed

Most transactions are now done online. In addition, with the launch of online shopping, government services and bill payment, mobile data has become an essential component for everyone. But one major problem that everyone faces is the lack of speed of the network. With most children attending class online today and most people starting to work from home, not being under the network is becoming a bigger problem. Most phone service providers now offer mobile data, but this is the case with most networks. Here is a technique that can be used to increase your network coverage as a solution to this.

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How to increase your mobile network speed?

Open your phone’s settings and select the About phone option. On phones it may be at the top and on some other phones it may be at the bottom of the settings. Then click on the Reset option that appears on the screen.

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From this, select the Reset Network Settings option. Then you can see the SIMs you use in the phone are sim 1 and sim 2. Choose sim which mobile network needs more coverage. When you click on the Reset Settings option provided, all the mobile data that is currently working on your phone, Bluetooth, will be reset.

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This means that everything that was used by past of them will be reset as it was when the phone was refreshed. But it is important to know that when choosing this option, you have to choose it correctly and once done, you will not be able to recover.

On some phones it may have been given different options. If you are using a phone like Redmi, you need to select the option that says Connection and Settings. Then select the Reset and WiFi, Bluetooth option. It can be reset after entering the set settings. But if you do not have the option to reset in either of these ways, you can reset the phone after searching by clicking on the option in the search bar in the settings. Doing so will increase the network coverage of the phone to some extent.

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