How to free up your gallery storage in phone

Today, the number of people who do not use a smartphone is very low. Different brands of smartphones are easily available in the market today at very low prices. But one of the major issues that most people face when choosing any phone is that the phone is full of storage. Since it is possible to take photos from iPhone to range of phones, everyone keeps a lot of photos in the gallery and this creates a situation where there is no storage space afterwards. The main reason for this is that storage space often decreases as the quality of the camera increases. But let’s see how to use the mobile storage on your phone usefully.

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How to free up your gallery storage in phone?

The storage space on the mobile can be correctly utilized by using a mobile application. Storage is free up through the app “cram it”. Cram it is an application that allows you to reduce the size of the photo you take. This app has a 4.1 star rating on Play Store. Currently 100k + users have downloaded this app.

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cram it, When you install and open this application, you must grant permission to the phone gallery. Then tick of the cram it buttons. Then the Start button appears on the screen. Click on it and enter. Now you can see all the pictures in your phone’s gallery. You can select which folder contains the photos you want to compress. After selecting all the required photos, click on the cram it I button below.

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Now all the photos you have selected will be compressed in size. You will then see a message asking if you want to put the original photo on your phone or not. But with this one application you will be able to compress photos without any loss of quality and you will not have to save the original photo on your phone. You will then find the compressed photos in the cram it folder in the phone’s gallery. There is no difference in the quality of the photo.

If you do not see the folder in the phone’s gallery, take the phone storage and open the file manager. Then you will see a folder called cram it in the internal storage. When you open it,you will see the compressed photos. This way you can use your phone storage wisely.

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