How to Download Free Certificates from Eduonix

Download Free Certificates from Eduonix : Computer literacy is essential for most jobs today. Jobs like Data Entry at home can only be done if you know Microsoft Office courses, especially word, excel etc. Most companies require a course certificate when applying for such jobs. Often in the past we have taken such courses from computer centers. but will not hold the certificate. Eduonix is ​​an online application for certifying both Microsoft Office courses and Word Excel. Learn exactly how to download a course certificate using this eduonix website.

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How to download free certificates from eduonix?

Open the website to download the certificates for free. Now click on the three yellow colored lines at the top of the bar from the website. Here you will get three options. You can see Explore, log in and free sign up.

If you are a first time user, can use the Free Sign Up option. If you already have an account, use the login option. Use your Facebook or Google account to log in. Log in by selecting the account with which you are registered.

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Now you can search the course want in the search button at the top of the page. If you need Microsoft Word, type it in. It is now possible to view several courses. Many of these are paid courses. Therefore one has to opt for such a course to get the certificate for free. Then complete the course. Specific videos will be available to complete the course. Accordingly, you have to tick the 4 options from the one given part. All you have to do is watch and tick all the options below.

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If for some reason the tick mark does not come, refresh and refill again . After clicking on all the options, click on the Generate Certificate button given above. Now you can see a certificate which also includes the Authorized Signature and barcode reader . This way you can generate a valid course certificate.

You can either download the certificate after completing the entire course. Also you will get the certificate without watching the video. If you want paid courses, can get the course certificate by paying at your own discretion.You can also opt for those courses like starting from Rs.250. This way you can genarate your course certificate from eduonix.

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