Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – X Recorder App Free Download

Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – X Recorder App Free Download  : Many applications are now available in the Play Store not only for making calls with mobile phones but also for taking photos, recording calls and recording the screen. Here’s an app that can be used to record the entire screen in your phone in an emergency situation. Although different applications are currently available, some of them may not always work properly. Most phones today come with a built-in screen recorder but their features are limited. Let’s see how to record screen in good clarity using an application called XRecoder

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How to record screen using Xrecorder Appication?

Screen Recorder & Video Recorder - X Recorder App Free Download
Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – X Recorder App Free Download

With an app rating of 4.6 on the Play Store, this app has already been downloaded by 100M + users. The uniqueness of this app is that it can record the screen using more features in good clarity.

The video symbol can be seen on the right side of the interface that appears when the application is installed and opened. With this you can make the changes you need. If any changes are required, click on the Settings option below.

Now you can see the audio setting at the very top. If the same mute option is selected then the sound will not be received while recording the screen. If you need sound, you can choose between the Microphone, Internal Audio, and the Microphone+ Internal Audio options.

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You can select the Video Settings option and select the quality of the screen recording. If the Screenshot option is selected, any part of the screenshot can be taken while recording the screen. Here You can see a preview of the recording with front camera video.

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The Recorded option appears at the top when the screen recording starts. When the recording starts, it goes into hide mode. The screen started to record when the record button is clicked. You can also use brush and other options. Clicking on the Stop option will turn off the screen recording. This application can be used in case where the screen of the phone needs to be recorded.


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