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Do you want to win a smartwatch? Then here’s a golden opportunity for you.!! All you have to do is participate in the “Give away” contest from Tech world Malayalam page.For getting the prize Like, Share and follow the Tech world Malayalam page.

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Many of us nowadays use not only smart phones but also smart watches. Smart watches are now available in the market in different models and features. The convenience of having a touch screen, the ability to connect to a phone, and the ability to install and use apps all appeal to the average person.

Most of the features found in a smartphone are also available in smart watches. Anyone can own a smartwatch today on a budget friendly basis with Apple and Android versions. Smart watches can also be used to check heart rate and fitness. You can get as many features from a smartwatch as you would carry a mini computer.

The History behind smart watch

Smart watches with calculator and converter have been available for a long time. But around 2010, most tech companies came up with the idea of ​​a smartwatch with more features.

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Famous brands like Apple, Samsung and Sony, which are at the forefront of tech companies, have realized the idea of ​​a smart watch. But the first smartwatch was released by a company called Pebble. Launched in 2013, the company’s smartwatch has sold more than a million units.

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But at the same time, companies like Garmin have also launched smart watches. Suunto’s smart watches that support scuba diving The company launched a huge revolution in smart watches.

How to work smart watches?

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Smartwatches released by companies like Apple can now also be used as daily wear. But some companies are releasing smart watches only for certain things that are speccific. An example of this is the Fenix ​​watches released by Garmin.

Features of smartphones.


Most of the apps on your phone can be used when the smartwatch is connected and used with the smartphone. They work in two ways, one is the Google environment and the other is the Apple environment.For those who like things like hiking, there are many benefits to using apps installed on a smartwatch.


The watch can be used to manage all incoming calls and activities on the phone while using the phone connected to your smartphone. The watch will receive an accurate notification of every incoming call on the phone. An example of this is the fall sensor system provided by Apple Watch. By using this one system it gives an accurate notification if you are wearing a smart watch in hand when you fall or something.

Media management

The smart watch can be connected to a smartphone and utilize media playback. An example of this is the use of the Apple Watch connected to the AirPod. With the Apple Watch you can control and track volumes.

Answer through smartwatch

The voice system can be utilized using the latest model smartwatch.

Fitness tracker

If you are an athlete or a fitness observer, you can use your smartwatch to track your heart rate and track your workout.

High Battery life

Smart watches with battery health are now available in the same way as regular watches. If you use an Apple Watch, the battery will take about 18 hours to charge. But if you use a brand like Pebble, the battery will last for two to three days.

GPS tracker

Most of the smart watches released now support GPS system. This allows you to track your location and receive location notifications.

Different Type of Smart watches

There are different types of smart watches available in the market today. Here are some examples.

1)Apple watch

Apple watches are release watches designed by Apple itself.

2)wearable watches

Many brands of watches are released using the Google operating system.

3)Tizen watches

These are the smart watches in the Galaxy range released by Samsung.

4)Hiking watches

These watches are definitely for those who love to travel and more. They are designed to protect against dust and water. This category also includes weather and navigation systems.

5)Diving watches

These smartwatches work using a Bluetooth-like watches.Brands like Garmin suunto are launching such smart watches

6)Flying type watches

flying type watches include Garmin’s D2, Delta PX that can offeres features like on-wrist pulse Ox, a logbook, a GPS-powered moving map, and NEXRAD weather casting etc..

If you also want to own a smartwatch, here are the rules for participating in the” Give away contest “.

4)Those selected ones receive a smart watch as a gift

5)The winners will receive a smart watch as a home courier.

6)The winner will be selected using the Comment Picker app

7)No cash or other gifts will be given.

8)Fill out the address form below to deliver the prize via courier to the selected winners.

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