low Cost Cctv Camera with Audio & Video Recording

low Cost Cctv Camera  : It is safe to say that there are fewer homes and offices today that do not use CCTV. The importance of CCTVs in providing greater security in institutions and so on is not small. Therefore, in the event of an accident, CCTVs will be able to easily detect any theft attempt. It usually costs large amount to fit a CCTV.

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Therefore, it is not possible for those who run small businesses to buy CCTV at a high price. Also, sometimes low-cost CCTVs do not have to work well. Here’s an introduction to a digital video recorder that can be used cheap price in such situations.It can be used to record and watch video in places where electricity is available or not.

What items are included in this CCTV kit?

5 Volt Two Ampere USB Charger, Camera, Fitting Screw, and a brochure explaining how to fit.

How to fit and use this CCTV recorder?

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Connections at the bottom of the camera are provided with screwed supply holes. The front of the camera is adjustable to any part of the area located . Therefore videos up to two weeks can be recorded in this way. When using the SD card, it works as a delete the day and adds a new day. Connect the camera to the USB charger via USB cable. Then connect the plug to the power supply plug. insert the SD card in the camera and set it to whichever side the camera is on. This video recorder used very little current to work.

Where there is no electricity, the camera can be connected to a power bank to record and use things when needed. Then take the SD card from the camera and connect it to a laptop to view the recorded videos . You can use it by connecting to your phone. When the camera connects to the phone via USB cable, you will see a message saying USB Connected. Then when you open the USB file and open the folder video can see the recorded content. Video can only be received in the same order if the time is set correctly while the camera is set. To do this, you can open the folder TIME TXT and set the time in it.

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Such digital CCTV recorders are now available in the market at very low prices and in different quality.

Security cameras that work with two AA batteries are also available in the market now. They cost less than Rs 200. Quality can be obtained from the market as per your requirement today. This type of digital CCTV recorder can be activated by opening the bottom of the camera and inserting two AA batteries.

In addition, bullet type cameras can now be purchased from the market for around Rs 300. With such cameras, video capture can be done automatically. In addition, they can be powered by AA batteries.

Those who need more security in their homes and other places can buy, install and use these CCTV cameras at low cost.

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