What Is the Best App for Land Measurement in India

Land Measurement App : Before buying a land, many of us wonder how many acres it has. That is, we are looking at the amount of land per acre or cent
This is usually done by submitting an application to the Village Office, where the overseer’s survey of the area is done. But not all the places we see can be measured in this way. Here’s an app that you can use to measure and verify your own space in such situations. Using this app you can find any of the land measure in an easy way.The intended area of ​​measurement, small or large, can be detected in this way.

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How to measure a land easily? Best App for Land Measurement

GPS field area measure application is used to measure land area. With an 4.3 star rating on Play Store, this app is currently being downloaded by 10M + people. The app is designed to be very easy for anyone to use.

Once the application is installed and opened, you can choose the size of the space. If you want to measure where you are currently standing, just click the red color arrow at the top. When you do this, the map will automatically return to where you are standing. Now you can zoom in on the map and see exactly how much space there is.

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The measurement unit can be set by taking the settings before measuring the space. You have to select which of the kilometers, feet and acre you want to measure. Click on the three lines at the top to pick up the settings. Below that you will see the Settings option. Select it and choose Measurement Unit.

Then select the area to be measured. When you click on the plus icon below, you will see options like Distance, Area and POI. Select the area in it. Select the Manual Measuring option. Click on the area to be measured and enter. You can drag and drop the location and select. Only the required area from a large area can be selected in this way.

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But be sure to drag and drop the arrow exactly. Then only the exact measure can be obtained. If the unit you have chosen is an acre, know how much of that area is in acres. The boundaries of places can be calculated in this way. After use, it is possible to exit the application using the close button. With this app you can easily find out the size of any land in an easy way.

DOWNLOAD APP : https://play.google.com/store/apps/

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