Ente Jilla App – Kerala Government App

Ente Jilla App – Kerala Government App : We do not know the number of most government institutions in our district. It is a difficult thing to look for when you need a number of government offices and so on in an emergency situation. It is more convenient to have such numbers, especially for queries regarding applications and to know if the office is working. The Government of Kerala has released an application ( Ente Jilla App )  containing information on Kerala Government Institutions in your district.The application name is “ente jilla”. As part of this, the government recently launched a campaign regarding this application. It’s meant to spread this information to everyone.

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What are the features of Ente Jilla application ?

With ente jilla application it is possible to locate and contact government agencies in a district. The app can also be used to record reviews. This also has a feature to keep their number of comments recorded confidential. People can lodge their grievances with the district administrations through the application. The uniqueness of the application is that these will be closely monitored and the necessary action will be taken on the part of the government.

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When you have installed and opened the ente jilla app from the Play Store, click on the three lines at the top. here you can enter the information you need to login to your account. Comments can only be made after logging in to the account.

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You will need to enter your name, phone number and email id to file your profile information. The account can be verified using the OTP that comes with the phone number. Once you have logged in, you can customize the various government services. If you select the Police option, you will find information about all the police stations in your district. It is also possible to pick up the phone number and contact in case of emergency using the More Contacts option.

It is possible to know KSEB and Civil Supplies Government services in the same way. Select the KSEB option and click on the link provided to go directly to the KSEB website. Additional services can be availed by entering the consumer number and other information there. With a size of just under four MB,ente jilla app will no doubt be useful to you.using this app you can get all public services very easily from your district.

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