Kerala Gramin Bank Business Loan 2022

There are many people in our state who want to start their own business. But one of the major problems they all face is that they do not have all the money need to start a business. Many people are wondering whether they can get business loans in such situations. But when go to the bank for loan, they often ask for land or personal security as collateral. In addition, most banks charge high interest rates. But the kerala grameen bank give loans without any collateral. Here are some tips to help you get a business loan without security.

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How to get business loans without any security?


All you need to get a business loan from Kerala Gramin Bank is a license from the panchayat and the applicant’s documents. Those who apply for a loan to start a new business and expand an existing business first need to know what type of loan you need. The loan amount is based on the turnover of your company.

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The bank is required to submit documents showing your exact turnover. If you intend to take a loan above Rs 1 lakh, you don’t want to give any collateral to bank. The collateral is land in your name, or the premises of the establishment. Also, the fair value of the mortgaged land may sometimes need to be shown to the bank.

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You will need to provide the bank with a certificate of ownership of the land mortgaging, a tenancy certificate, a location sketch and a location certificate along with the collateral. That’s all it takes to get an loan.The bank will give you a loan within three days if all the documents are submitted correctly.

All the documents given in the notice issued by Kerala Gramin Bank should be submitted to the bank accurately. Otherwise the loan will not be sanctioned.

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If you are a supermarket operator the bank will check all your stock information. The same is true of the bank’s inspection method for any business. The loan will be approved after the bank manager submits the documents to the lawyer and verifies that all the documents are correct. If you take a loan above Rs.5. Laks.Your land fair value must be checked accurately.

But if you only take a loan of up to Rs 1 lakh from a bank, busines loan will get it without any collateral. The Aadhaar card and PAN card of the person applying for the loan should be submitted along with all these documents. The exact number of years the loan is to be repaid must be paid throughout the year. The loan can be closed only after all the repayments have been made properly. This way you can get the business loans without any security from kerala Grameen Bank.

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