Best Alarm Application For Android

We all love to listening songs. But sometimes, no matter how much you like the song, you get angry when you hear it. It may sound strange at times, but it’s something that happens regularly in all of our lives. This means that the song you like is mistaken for an alarm and when the alarm goes off in the morning, we turn it off without noticing what the song is. We get angry when the alarm goes off constantly.But here are 2 apps that can set the alarm in a way that makes you feel very calm. Just do not hesitate to off the alarms. Now,know in detail about the apps that can definitely be set in a way that refresh your mornings.

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What are the different Apps available to set alram properly?


Alarmy is the first alarm app that can be used in this way. Already it may have set an alarm at different times when you install and open the app from the Play Store. Then when you select the Settings option you will see many things to set in it. Select the Default Alarm Settings option. Select the Alarm of Method option. Then there are different options for choosing how to sound the alarm. If you select the Take a Picture option, you can only turn off the alarm if you take the picture when the alarm goes off.

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You can then set the alarm when you need it. When the alarm is set and sounded like this, the alarm will only go off if you pick up the given item on the picture phone.

Another option that can be used when setting the alarm in the same application is to select the Shake option that appears when selecting the default alarm setting Open. This means that you can set the number of times the alarm will go off only if you shake it. The alarm will only go off when you shake the number of times you entered when the alarm went off.

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2)Spot on alarm

Spot on alarm is another alarm application that can be used very effectively. Select the “+” option in the interface that appears when you install and open the applicationtion here.

After that you can set the alarm and select the theme and fade off music given above. You can set your favorite song from YouTube as an alarm. If the playlist option is selected, the playlist created on YouTube will sound as an alarm. This way you can wake up in the morning listening to your favorite song.


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