used innova very low price in kerala

Buying cars that belong to the premium series is something that everyone wants. But owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. In such cases everyone chooses the option of second cars. The fact that you can buy affordable cars at a low price is what motivates everyone to buy such cars. Not only this, with the help of EMI option and low cost you can buy the second car option. The fact that not many used cars are available at good prices also increases the popularity of second hand cars. Here are a few second hand Innova cars that can be bought at such a low price.

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The Silk Gray Innova, which is registered in 2016, is introduced first.The vehicle is a 7 seater G4. The total distance covered was 140,000 km.The car, which has done a good job of interior and painting, is scheduled to be re-tested in January 2031. The asking price is Rs 9.5 lakh.This price includes the car’s insurance, tax also.Loans above Rs 7.5 lakh are available.

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The next car is the Innova with Silver Color MH registration. Currently the registration has not changed. The car has no major accident replacement, flood history. The 2014 model Single Ownership G for Seven Seater Innova, which has a range of 190,000 km, is priced at Rs 8.5 lakh.
Loans up to Rs 6 lakh are available.

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The 2013 model Golden Gray Innova is priced at Rs 8 lakh. The insurance is valid for one year. The car’s tires are all clear. For those who want to change their seat, it will be provided from here.

Next one is the 2013 Registration Silver Color Innova. The asking price is Rs 8 lakh. Financial assistance ranging from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 5.5 lakh is available. The price is transferred to the name of the buyer of the vehicle along with the insurance.

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The next car to be registered in 2012 is the white color Innova. Financial assistance ranging from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 5.5 lakh is available. The total distance covered was 165000 km.

The next car to be introduced is the 2016 registration Silver Color Innova. The seat is already ready for Rs 17,000. The asking price is Rs 10 lakh.

The next car is the 2016 registration gray color Innova. There are two such cars for sale. The asking price is Rs 10 lakh for one car and Rs 9 lakh for another car.

If you want to make any changes to the vehicles you buy from here, those changes will be made right here. Documentation and CIBIL score for loan applicants vary from customer to customer. To know more about vehicles, you can contact AUTOLUX Used Cars in Chalakudy, Thrissur. You can contact them at the number given below to know more.

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