Anker security eufy cam2 unboxing and review

Theft is a major problem facing most institutions and homes. Most places have CCTVs but most of them work properly. Moreover, the footage captured on CCTV is often not accurate.Incase the CCTV is damaged want to pay a huge amount to repair it.In addition, the battery is going sudden damage.Here is a CCTV that can be used as a solution to all this. Learn more about the anker eufi security camera that works the same 365 days a year.These CCTV cameras are definitely one of the most useful as they can be used for a whole year with a single charge.

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What are the parts included inside the box?

The famous American company Anker has built a CCTV that runs 365 days on a single charge. Another feature is the ability to capture images with full HD quality. It can be made to work with Google Assistant Help. Moreover, there is no need to pay any monthly fee.

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The method of using the product and the features are given exactly on the back of the box. The key feature is that the photo of the person in front of the camera will be instantly notified on your phone and the waterproof will work fine.The camera detects precise movements and sounds and can use them when needed. It is also worth note that this one camera works perfectly secular.

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You can scan and read the barcode on the back of the box to make sure the product you received is original. This will allow you to determine if the product you are getting is original from the company. The contents of this box are listed outside the box. Therefore, when you open the box, you can check if all these are inside in it.

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A welcome pack is provided when the box is opened. It also comes with a Pin for unlocking the SIM. You can find out how to operate the camera using the accompanying catalog. The camera has two LED stickers, a voice detector and heavy magnets on the back. Cameras should be used by replacing the stickers provided on the front. At the bottom ports are provided with an alarm button and connector on the back of the camera.
A connector is provided for connecting to the camera. A wire is alao provided to connect to the camera.

This CCTV is provided in such a way that it can be easily operated by anyone. This is a CCTV that can be used to capture images in high clarity. Watch the video to learn more about this.

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