How to start paper cup business?

There are several things we need to consider in order to implement the idea of ​​start a business. The most important of these is to know the current market demand for the business we want to start. Otherwise you should not start a business by listening to others and then not be able to run it. We need to be able to recoup the investment we make to start a business today, not just today. So the important thing is to find business ideas that are profitable in a good way that started at a low cost. Paper cup manufacturing is one such business that can be started with very little investment and made a good profit. Learn in detail about the cost, marketing and profitability of making a paper cup.

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How to start paper cup business?

Paper cups are one of the most sought after items in the market today. Making paper cups, which quickly became popular in the market, is a good business idea. If you look at the construction method of low cost portable paper cups, it is a raw material known as aps i.e. a type of thick paper. The important thing in construction is to punch in the prints you like.

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Cups can be made to you like, both printed and non-printed. The next step is to load the punched papers into the machine. The paper cups then automatically break up the self-made glue and transfer it to the next stage. The next step is to paste the bottom. For this, the paper roads need to be rounded up and pasted under the cup. All these are done by the machine itself. If the cups you make are 100ml, then 5,25,000,
Cups, and if 110ml, it is 5 Millions of cups can be made this way.

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What are the machinery requirements for the paper cup business?

Machines for making paper cups are available in different models and capacities in the market. You can choose the machines as per your requirement like automatic or semi semi automatic. The cost of such machines is around Rs 5 lakh. But on most machines you have to print the paper for it yourself. This is because such machines do not offer the option of printing paper. Paper cups of raw material are priced at around Rs 70 per kg on sites like India Mart.

What are the important business strategies for start paper cup business?

The next thing is to do good business in the market for the paper cups you make. The importance of paper cups is especially high in the covid context. It is also possible to export high quality paper cups. And from these you can find another business idea. This means that if the paper cups you are printing are advertised by other companies, you can still earn revenue. If you look at most of the paper cups available in the market, you will understand this. In market, a 100-piece paper cup costs Rs 120. On websites like Amazon, prices start at Rs 1,60. These can also be found priced above Rs 200. But after all the process it costs you about 20 paise to make a cup in total. But selling a cup for 45 paise means you get a profit of about 25 paise per cup.

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If you can market 24,000 cups a day, your profit is to be Rs 6,000 a day. It’s hard to hear, but if you can sell 10 to 15 packets in a shop, you can easily achieve this one target. So while it may seem a bit difficult at first, there is no doubt that making paper cup is a business idea that can be carried forward very well in the future.

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