SBI Accident insurance policy for 500 Rupees

SBI Accident insurance policy for 500 Rupees. Unlike in the past, most people today are taking out health insurance policies. Different companies offer different types of insurance policies but often they are not used in a strong way. Not only that but the premium amount to be paid will be very large. That is why it is often difficult for ordinary people to get insurance by paying large sums. As a solution to this, the Central Government is now offering different types of insurance policies. Here’s an insurance plan that can be used in case of death due to any of these types of accidents.

In this age where road accidents are increasing day by day, the SBI Personal Accident Insurance policy is definitely a policy that will benefit those who drive and take it as a profession. Under this insurance policy, a claim of Rs 10 lakh can be made on payment of Rs 500 and Rs 20 lakh on payment of Rs 1,000.

The plan covers the expenses of the death of the insured due to an accident, or disability suffered due to an accident and also loss of income due to the accident and also helpful for the family for future. Some kind of Additional add-on covers are available with the plan which includes Hospital expenses and Allowance and Ambulance Charges are included in it.

By taking out such an insurance policy, you can secure the future of your family in the event of any kind of accident. For claims of the insurance amount, you can immediately contact the SBI customer care number and provide the policy documents. Also need to fill the claim form correctly. In case if you want to cancel the policy want to wait until 15 days’ notice.

All you have to do is contact your nearest SBI branch to apply for membership in the insurance policy by filling up a form from there including the SBI account and Aadhaar details.

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But before joining such a scheme, you need to make sure that your Aadhaar card is linked to your bank account and PAN card. Also, an SBI account is mandatory. Even if you pay Rs 10,000 for ten years, you only have to pay Rs 10,000. But do not forget that the refund is a claim of Rs 20 lakh.

For the claim process, the holder should provide a Properly filled and signed claim form. A copy of the insurance document is mustIn case the policyholder is dead, then submit the FIR of the accident at the time of claim. a Post-mortem report from the hospital is mandatory. In case of a disability claim, a doctor’s certificate is also needed for claim purposes.

There is no doubt that taking out such an insurance policy will help ensure the safety of you and your family in the event of accidents on the streets. With a small amount and less documentation is one of the important features of this insurance policy. When compared to huge companies it will definitely be an affordable policy for common people.

So please contact your nearest SBI branch for further details and also check through the official website of SBI. The link is given below. Also, you can watch the video to learn more about this policy.

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