Motion Sensor Light – Making Ideas with Minimum Cost

Motion Sensor light – making idea with minimum cost. We now live in an age where technology is growing by day by day. Motion Sensor light – making idea with minimum cost is such an idea. Electric kits for self-testing are now readily available online and offline. Using these, we can build our own many high-security systems and lights. One of the things we often see when we go to hotels and so on is that when you show your hand, the water comes in automatically, and the door is closed and open. Many of us may have wondered what the technology behind these is. But here’s the light using a sensor that you can easily build yourself. The motion sensor light-making idea with minimum cost is a good method for beginners.

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How to make light on/off a system through a motion sensor light-making idea?

With the help of a motion sensor light, you can create a system that turns the light on when you enter the room and turns off the light when you leave the room. But by using this sensor system it is much easier to sensor your motion and light work accordingly.

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The PIR sensor module is the main component required to build such a device. These are readily available on websites such as Amazon and Flipkart. It costs only Rs 80. They are also available at your nearest hardware electrical shop. The next requirement is a relay with a capacity of 12 volts or 5 volts. Another device used here is the IN4007 diode. And a 1 k ohm resistor is required.

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At the bottom of the relay are provided the two pins required for the AC to work. Below are two pins for relay work. The voltage works using this part. If a 5-volt relay is provided, a 5 volt supply is required. Or if a 12-volt relay is used, supply accordingly.

The diode should be connected to the third back of the capacitor. The diode is to be connected using a soldering iron. Then the collector diode must be fed correctly. it should be connected to the sensor.

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The positive side of the sensor and the diode need to be looked at accurately. The negative voltage must be set exactly the same way.

A bulb can be used to test the output of the relay. The connection to the ball is made by connecting two wires to each other in the same way as in a normal holder. When giving the relay you only need to take and supply according to the relay.

By doing so, the construction process is over. You can then set the time for the bulb to last longer. This allows the bulb to hold the things for as long as you give them. This way anyone can easily make a motion sensor light by themselves. It can be a very effective and easy method to make motion sensor lights. There is no technical knowledge needed to build a system. even with zero circuits knowledge person also easily builds this light.

For any kind of clarification about the tools and design many articles are available on google and youtube, So be careful to start a project like this and maintain all the security features.

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