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Smartphone Remote app. The disappearance of the TV remote in our homes is something that happens mostly. It is damaged or not always. Putting the remote in the hands of children can quickly damage them and make it impossible for the set-top box to work. But now your smartphone can be used as a TV remote. Many apps for this are now available in the Play Store. You can learn how to control the TV all the way by using the phone.

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The phone can be used remotely using an inbuilt IR blaster or sensor. Most smartphones currently use this feature. The phone can be used as a remote by installing an application with IR Blaster. After downloading the Universal Remote app from the Play Store, any remote can be controlled using the phone.

How to Use Your Smartphone as A Tv Remote?

  1. Open your android phone.
  2. On the top right part choose the remote option.
  3. Select scanning for device option.
  4. Pair with the device.
  5. After completing the stage use your smartphone as a TV remote.


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When you open the IR Remote application on your phone, you will see different options like TV, Set-top Box, AC, etc. If you are using a TV remote, select the TV option. Now a lot of apps are available in both apple and android phones to control the remote system in your home.

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Now you have a list of TV names from different brands. Choose whichever brand you want. A power button can then be found on the interface. It is provided for testing. So you have to press and hold the button until the TV turns on. Then you can choose” yes “if your TV is on. Once the TV is on you can set the device name and enter it. Once the remote is added, everything is possible to increase or decrease the volume and change the channel.
In the same way, it is possible to turn off the TV after use. Not only for TVs but also use smartphone remote for AC, Set-top box as your wish.

Next, if you want to enter the set-top box, click on the ‘+’ button above. Select Set Top Box‌ Company. Click and hold the power button in the same manner as before. When turned on, click the yes button or the No button. You can change the channel remote this way. In this way, you can turn on and off your remote system according to your wish. Now no worries whether the remort is missing or not. You can control all the important devices through your smartphone remort.

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If you have any kind of problems while pairing, having problems it’s very important to keep in mind that is closer to the TV, which will helpful for you to pair the device. and also ensure a lot of objects are near the device.NOw use your smartphone as a remote for everything from your home TV, set-top box, AC as your choice.

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