Traffic signs and their meaning useful ?

Traffic signs and their meaning . Most of us use vehicles today. But we don’t know what the traffic signals indicate. With the number of road accidents increasing day by day, the Union Ministry of Transport is tightening all traffic rules. Usually, when we go to driving school we are taught different driving signals from there but the truth is that none of us remember them exactly. Traffic signals can be seen on boards of different shapes and colors using white, green, blue, and black. All of these are used to refer to individual things. Traffic signs and their meaning have an important role in our life.

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what is the importance of Traffic signs?


when we start the driving class, the first thing they educate us about is the traffic signs. But most of them usually neglect that kind of thing. If you see the cross mar with the letter P written inside the red color circle, it indicates no parking area. Most people will know. If the vehicle is parked in a no-parking area, you will often have to pay a fine.

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Strict instructions indicate if someone has given marks within the blue circle. But if a red cross is given along with it, it should be seen as a rule. The red and whiteboards in the triangular shape indicate the warning signs. Shape viewing boards mainly refer to hospital restaurants, They are blue in color.

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If the number is given to the red and whiteboard, it is the speed limit. The letter red or white on the circular board indicates that left or right has been given a cross mark, it should not be turned.

Do not take a U-turn if you have crossed out U on a red and white circular board and point upside down. If the image of the horn is given in cross mark the horn is not used in prohibited areas. If the picture of the car and the scooter is given crosswise, then it can be understood that only pedestrians are allowed. If one of the curves on both sides is crossed, it means that it is only allowed to go in the opposite direction. The size of the board will indicate the direction to go only for vehicles with a low height.

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It is given in the opposite triangle to block the way of those coming from the opposite side. If it is given as a curve, it indicates first to the right and then to the left.

If you have been given a picture of the train and given cross marks, make sure the train is coming and only then cross. If the left or right arrow is given on the blue board, they should bend forward according to the arrow provided on the board. If the numbers are written on a blue board, it indicates the minimum speed. Also, if the speed camera images are given on a blue board, it indicates the signal.

understand such Traffic signals given on the board and pay attention to driving vehicles. This will help reduce accidents. If you follow all the traffic signals and rules properly it will helpful for you and the others also.

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