Generators and Other Tools Lowest Price Market

Generators and other tools lowest Price market. Generators are one of the most important tools of all time. But usually have to pay a high price to buy a generator at a shop. This is a place where you can find small and right-sized generators that can be used for home and industry purposes at a low cost. Another unique feature is that generators of various sizes and shapes are available here as per the requirement of everyone. It can be said that there are very few houses which do not use inverter especially today and we can understand in detail about the shop which can get such houses to generators which can be used as replacement inverter today. Generators and other tools lowest Price market details are given detailed below.

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Box-shaped generators are available here that can be used as replacements for inverters in the home. They cost around Rs 10,000. A high-quality 8KV FIELD KING brand of generator costs around Rs 65,000. But it comes with a self-start system and a battery.

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10,000 w Industrial usable generators can also be supplied as a single wire. It also has a self-start and an industry-purpose set-up system, which means it works in two phases.

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The small water pumps of the Field King brand are portable. Stir for two and a half hours with 1-liter petrol. With the use of a refined engine, the sound will be much less. These can definitely be used in remote areas where there is no electricity. The price is only Rs 9000.

There is also a motor that can pump water from one to four lorries and work with just one liter of petrol. The size of the pump is 3 * 3. The same model is also available in 2 * 2 size.
There is also a motor that can pump 36000 liters of water in an hour.

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For those who want to buy car washers, in different sizes and powers are available here. The lowest-priced home pressure washer is priced at Rs 3,500. These are released under the brand name Scorpio. They deliver it anywhere in Kerala.

Usha’s motors, which run on 100 HP vertical pump 5 HP diesel, are available for purchase. Understandable motors start at Rs 1,400.

Battery-powered sprayers are also available in the shop as petrol and diesel are more expensive. These can also be used by farmers to apply for medicines. They are available in two sizes, 16 liters, and 12 liters. The cheapest model costs Rs 2,600.
These can be sprayed up to a height of 15 feet.

Gun machines, including the needle, cost around Rs 2,500. In addition, rock-crushing machines are available, both large and small. So the machine is priced at only Rs 2500.

Those who want to buy a machine to make sugarcane juice will have to pay Rs 33,000. But this is a machine that has no problems like rust.

The machine needed to clean the interior of the car has a capacity of 20 liters and is priced at Rs.3900

Bottles for spraying medicine and water are available in different sizes, from two, five, seven. Also available is the shoulder strap machine model.

For those who run large businesses, the shop also has note counting machines for counting notes and for detecting counterfeit notes.

Those who want to buy quality generators, motors, and other electrical equipment at such very low prices can contact the shop called Sri Guruvayoorappan Agency at Nanchappa Market, Coimbatore. The contact number is given below. watch the video to learn more.

Sri Guruvayoorappan Agency Nanjappa Road Coimbatore

  • Phone : 9944146549
  • 9095003401
  • 9514450305

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