PhonePe Accidental and dengue, malaria insurance policies.

PhonePe Accidental and dengue, malaria insurance policies. Most people today use UPI apps like PhonePe. It is very convenient to make payments online. But what many people do not know, is about the various insurance policies offered by PhonePe. That is, there are several insurance policies offered by PhonePe, such as insurance coverage for coronavirus-infected and accident policy coverage. Learn about the Accident Insurance Policy and Dengue and Malaria Insurance available on the PhonePe app.

There are several companies that usually take out insurance policies. But they have to pay a large amount as a premium. There are many types of problems to deal with when claiming a policy. But with the insurance policy offered by PhonePe, you can get different types of insurance coverage.PhonePe Accidental and dengue, malaria insurance policies help to make life easy.

What is PhonePe Accidental insurance policy?

An Accident Insurance Policy is a policy for deaths and disabilities caused by an accident.

In case of accidental death, the full amount will be given to the nominee. This means that the family can have small financial security after death.
Total disability coverage is available in the event of a disability due to an accident.

You can take out a PhonePe insurance policy without the need for any health checkup. 24 hours coverage is available for as long as the policy term lasts. Accidents due to road and railway accidents and natural disasters are all covered. These include accidents such as terrorist attacks.

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People between the ages of 18 and 55 can join the policy. Coverage is available from the day the policy is taken out. There are three main types of accident insurance policies. The claim will be based on the selected premium amount. All policies are valid for one year.

Accidental insurance coverage of Rs 1 lakh is available with a premium of Rs 24 as in the first. If you opt for a Rs 120 plan for one year, you will get coverage of Rs 5 lakh and if you opt for a Rs 480 plan, you will get Rs 20 lakh as a claim.

Insurance coverage is available only for accidental deaths. This does not include ordinary deaths.

The policy is originally issued by ICICI Lombard Insurance and operates under a safeguard insurance policy.

What are phonePe dengue and malaria insurance policy?

The Dengue and Malaria policy is another insurance coverage policy that pays off by phonePe. In addition to these, the policy is applicable to many other diseases such as Chikungunya. The policy can be purchased by any person between the ages of 18 and 55 years. Insurance can be claimed only once during the one-year period during which the policy is active.

phone pe Insurance is provided in association with any insurance company. Required documents can be obtained through the PhonePe app and via email. To make an insurance claim call 18002666. You can call this number from 9 am to 9 pm.

Only one policy can be purchased through one PhonePe app.

How to purchase the above insurance policies?

Open the PhonePe app on your phone. Select the required insurance policy. Now you can see the plans related to the selected insurance. Select the desired plan. Then type in your name, email id, and date of birth. The information provided must be the same as that provided by the ID card. You will receive the policy-related document in the email ID you entered.

In the My Policy section, you can see all the policies you have purchased. For more visits, the link is given below.

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