Government Health insurance schemes and other benefits

Government Health insurance schemes and other benefits. The government has a number of schemes. Used in place to ensure your financial and social security. Both central and statement support the ordinary people.

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To get treatment-free services from the hospital. Thus majority do not realize these benefits.

However, many schemes are not well known to the people. There are many people who suffer financially in the context of the corona. Thus government offers a lot of schemes. Government Health insurance schemes and other benefits are given below.

Features of Government Health insurance scheme

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  • Free treatment.
  • A lot of hospital facilities
  • Delivery charges are free for women.
  • No premium.
  • Get insurance coverage for the entire family.
  • One health ID card for all hospitals.
  • Both private and public hospitals accept the card.
  • Further treatment facility.

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The eligibility criteria can check through the PMJAY website. The hospital details and treatments are given there. Once registered on the website, Log in and check the details. Complicated disease treatments are also available.

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There is also a lack of money, especially for medical expenses. Therefore, the general public can understand the new schemes announced by the government as a helping hand.

Going to hospitals with many ailments can be very costly. But by availing of health insurance, all the members of a family can get treatment free of cost.

Different types of health insurance plans are now available. But depending on the insurance companies, a large amount of premium has to be paid. ”

Ayushman Bharat Yojana “is a health insurance scheme provided by the Central Government.

If the treatment is not available in the selected hospital, choose another one. Only need to submit the medical records.

There are several types of health care available under this scheme. Depending on the revised method, the treatment can cost up to Rs 12,000.

Women also receive money for maternity expenses. 7000 for a comfortable delivery. That is why most people should check whether they are a member of this scheme.

Women get Rs 12,000 for a cesarean section. Most important thing is to check the eligibility. Otherwise don’t get the insurance benefit.

The benefit is cashless when the bill is paid after hospitalization. In other words, it is sufficient to pay the total amount to be paid and the benefit to be paid out of hand.

Government Health insurance schemes and other benefits. help to reduce the hospital fee.

Ration card-related problems.

There were obstacles to getting directly to the ration shop in the covid background. The rations were distributed to each person at a specific time.

Otherwise, the ration information has to be recorded using the machine.

So there is also the problem of not getting a ration if the machine breaks down.

Traders say the shop will have to close if the machine malfunction is not rectified soon.

In the current situation, the customer has to spend an hour in the ration shop.

For these reasons, ration card holders also face major problems. Ration card owners have told, the government to find a solution as soon as possible. Most importantly government should want to take action.



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