Easy English Learning Language App for Android phones.

Easy English Learning Language App for Android phones. English is an important language used all the time. English is the language used effectively for communication. Therefore, there are many people who experience different kinds of difficulties due to not knowing the English language. Easy English Learning Language App for Android phones helps to learn English easily.

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Students and seniors alike want to learn English. English is used as an important language in offices and in foreign countries.

There are a number of spoken English classes available online and offline. But you need to be able to understand things very quickly and accurately. This is an application that can easily learn English from the basic level.

‘Enguru’ is an application that can be used to learn English in this way. You can easily learn English if you follow the lessons you need to learn every day. These can be used on Android phones. After installing the app from the Play Store, open it.

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Important features of Enguru application

  • Interactive live class facility
  • Assessment test
  • Different subscription plans.
  • Penguin Readers subscription.
  • Earn coins through study.
  • 600 levels for vocabulary.
  • Video lessons and Live classes.
  • Add free service.

When you open the application, you will see an option called Check Audio. Click on it. Then you get a sentence to check if you can hear. If you are listening, click on the yes option.

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Then select the language in which you want to learn English. That is, if you choose Malayalam, you can know things in Malayalam. You will then need to log in with one of your accounts. You can use your Gmail account for this.

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Initially, you will be given a test to understand your level. Please read through the forums and see what, if any, our position may already be for features and then follow the procedure given there. The study will start according to the standard of each person.

After taking the assessment test, you can start learning the lesson according to your level. The test is to select the correct option in the given question. It does not matter if the answer you give is right or wrong. Further study will depend accordingly.

The course is categorized in different ways such as Basic Advance. After completing the test you can see your level in the form of a bar chart in different colors. If the color is 100% green then all the answers are correct.

You can also learn lessons in the form of a conversation. All you need to do is give them an answer and the support they need to keep going. You have to study in each chapter every day but the net has to be on.

This way you can learn English very easily. Different kinds of subscription plans are available.1 month,3 months,6 months,1 year plans available. And also provide unlimited features, Initially, you can start with a free plan. Enguru help in your path to learning English easily.  Download Enguru application click here For more information visit the video given below.

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