LIVE Transcribe App | Translate your words in any language through Voice

Translate your words in any language through Voice. The translation is a very important thing. In most job areas today. There are many applications available now that can be easily translated from English to Malayalam or any other language into Malayalam. But it is important to translate exactly what is being said.

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Here are some applications that can translate something automatically when you say it.

Not only what is said but also images in other languages. Also ​​can be translated in this way. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Translate. Thus Translate your words in any language through Voice easily.

Translate your words in any language through Voice Applications

Different Applications are used to translate voice to words. Here introduce some of the apps that are Genuine and easy to use.


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1)LIVE Transcribe App

Live Transcribe is an application that can be used to translate what is being said over time. When you install and open the application, you can select any of the following languages. Then when you start saying things, they can be seen on the screen at the same time.

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If there are any other sounds that can be made while saying things, it can be seen in the language you have taken below. That is, if the sound of vehicles is coming from outside, it is written as vehicles, and if the sound of the wind is coming, it is written as wind.

If you want to add something in addition to what you said, you can use the keyboard feature. Also, you can adjust the font size using the settings option and set the keyboard color and brightness. Additionally, you can save the required items. For up to three days and share them with other applications. Because for the ease of use.

Live Transcribe is a great application for translating and sharing things very quickly. Thus more useful than any other application. There for a must option. Besides these Translate your words in any language through Voice.

Features of Live Trnascribe Application

  • Support Real-time voice transcription.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Sound Notification.
  • Get notification with vibration or flashing light.
  • Timeline view system for 12 hours.
  • Support in Android 5.0 and above versions.

2)Google Translate

Google translate is an application provided, by Google to translate things. Google Translate, which supports more than one language, also lets you translate boards and notices you see on your travels. To do so, install and open the Google Translate app and click on the camera below. After capturing the desired image, it will translate it in the shortest time possible, given the choice of the language from which to translate. Therefore easy to use anytime anywhere.

Features of Google Translate App

  • Text translation Between 108 languages supported.
  • Instant camera translation Facility.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Handwriting feature.
  • Phrasebooks are available.
  • Transcribe options are available.
  • copy and share the contents in a faster way.


Notes in is a voice translation application that greatly supports local languages. This app allows you to translate things in your own language whenever you need to chat with others.

Not only Malayalam but also other languages ​​are supported in this application. Special options are provided for sharing and copying translated material.

Features have been added to the app to add words and space between spoken words. And to use the app to share things to social media sites like WhatsApp.Therefore easy to use this application.

Features of NOTES IN App

  • Different language support systems.
  • Fast translation.
  • 18 color themes are available in the application.
  • easy to copy and share the text.
  • Voice typing is available in 9 languages.
  • No size limit for text and notes created.
  • Native language supported.

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