Heat Reducing Technique for Terrace Rooftop Houses

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Heat reducing technique for terrace rooftop houses. Summer has arrived. The heat is mainly felt in terrace houses. But using a fan or AC full time is not often possible. What to do when it gets hot at night remains a question mark. Heat-reducing techniques for terrace rooftop houses.

But there are many tricks that can be used to reduce the heat day and night. The important thing is to find out which of these is useful. Here’s a trick that can be used to cool a terrace at a low cost.

The reason for the increase in heat in the roof of the house is that the roof absorbs the heat directly from the sun. Therefore, it causes heat at night.

All the heat absorbed from the sun reaches the room. There are several treatments that can be done on the terrace. But they cost more than Rs 2 lakh.

To reduce the heat, many people put chacks on the terrace and tie up the water. But these quickly absorb heat and return to their old state.

One mistake most people make like this is leaving the top of the terrace empty when the whole house is painted. But applying white paint on the terrace will help to dissipate the light. At the same time, the heat will decrease.

Reason for heat in the rooftop houses

  • Direct sunlight came from the sun.
  • Not painted the roof part.
  • sometimes use dark colors on the terrace.
  • Natural remedies are effective but for a small time.

How to reduce the heat from rooftop houses?

The applied area should be thoroughly cleaned before painting. Then white cement should be applied. It costs Rs 130 for a five kg packet. Then you need a bucket to mix these with water.

It is possible to know the exact amount of water in a 1-liter bottle. The total requirement is 8 liters of water. First, pour the water into the bucket. The required amount of 5 kg of white cement is 8 liters of water.

Then the fevicol should be mixed and given. This is to prevent sticking to the feet after applying the white cement. This requires a large bottle of fevicol.

Then mix well with a stick. It can be applied with a brush on the affected area. A small coating can also be applied with a broom, taking more quantity per cup.

Beat a coat like this first. Then leave it to dry. This type of coating can be applied at a very low cost using just white cement and fevicol.

In other words, if you buy 20 kg of white cement, 1 bottle fevicol for a house of 1000 square feet, the total cost will be only 520 rupees.

The benefit of applying white cement on the rooftop

  • Low cost.
  • No additional labor is needed.
  • less time.
  • Effective method
  • Minimum material requirements.
  • small portions were also covered.
  • Always get a cooling effect.
  • Reduce the heat effectively.

At the same time, it is possible to reduce the heat in the house at a very low cost. If you want a good result to apply within your house. For more watch, the video is given below

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