Google pay Transaction and the fraud alert

Google pay Transaction and the fraud alert. Google pay is one of the best digital payment applications. Most people today are the ones who use online payment applications. Applications like Google Pay in particular are becoming most and more important day by day. The fact that they do not have to carry cash on hand is what makes them so popular. Google pay Transaction and the fraud alert are important.

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At the same time, you get a variety of cashback offers when you pay with an app like Google Pay. Therefore so many people choose this method. But many types of cheating occur because the application is not used properly. The number of people who have lost money in such cases is not small.


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Google pay Transaction Features 

  • Easy to transfer money.
  • Money can be debited within no time.
  • Linked with bank account.
  • A lot of cash-back offers are available.
  • Easy to use.
  • Tap and pay method.
  • Easily send money to anyone anytime.
  • Send and receive money securely.

Most stores now use Google pay as their payment method. This way you can scan the QR code and transfer money within seconds. Google Pay also plays a significant role in conducting contactless payments, especially in the context of Corona. Money can be transferred very easily. Many people think that online payment is a safe thing.

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There are several things to keep in mind when transferring money through Google Pay. That means the shopkeeper must check exactly whether the money has been received in his account.UPI applications are very important today.

Now there are scams going on in many ways. Often the shopkeeper runs another over the QR code. The person who buys the item from the store also scans the QR code. But the shopkeeper does not verify that the money was received in the account.

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It is sometimes not possible to verify that all customers have received cash held during store rush hours. When many of these transactions go awry, the shopkeeper incurs a huge loss. Customers cannot be blamed. So be careful the customer and shopkeeper. Nowadays a lot of cases are reported like these.

Therefore, do not place the QR code in such a way that the outside of the shop. When each customer comes and pays, check that it is received correctly. Or if you have an assistant at the store you should check if he is receiving the exact amount. Otherwise, there will be a huge loss happens. Besides these Google pay is an amazing app.

Things to check using Google pay Transaction

  • Shoppers are more careful about QR codes.
  • Don’t place it outside the shop.
  • Ensure the payment is successful.
  • Often check the linked bank account.
  • Check the QR code often.
  • Customers also ensure the payments.
  • Make payment in a safer way.
  • Double-check the money was received or not.
  • Beware of fraud messages and links.

For more details watch the video.If you follow all the instructions clearly.No no doubt that Google pay Transactions is a safe and secure app. And also it will make your payments easy.

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