Ente Ration Card App and Its Uses and Benefits

Ente Ration card App and its uses and benefits. Today the ration card has become one of the most important documents. So the point is to keep them accurate. But keeping a ration card in book form is not an easy task. They are more prone to lice infestation and waterlogging. Ente Ration card App and its uses and benefits are here.

The ration card should be taken to the shop to buy ration every month. But you can buy a ration using an app, on the phone without having to carry a ration card.

Therefore use it properly. Thus using the ration card in form of an App is easy. Besides these are easy things. All the information provided by a standard ration card is available in this one application. The application name is “Ente Ration Card”. It can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Importance of Ration card

  • Included all the family details.
  • Used as identity proof.
  • Each month ration is provided on the basis of the ration card.
  • Working under Civil supplies corporation.
  • All the Kerala government schemes are related to ration card.

When you download and open the application, you will see two options namely Ration Card Application Status. This is the ration card option that you have to pay for.

Then enter your ration card number. For this, you have to enter the number given on the cover at the top of the book ration card.

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Click on the View my card option provided. What to do with the phone number you provided when you picked up the ration card. You will then receive an OTP to that number.

Enter the OTP entered correctly. You will get an option called Create Password. Here you can enter the custom password you created. Enter the password you entered once again. Click the Next button. Now you can see all the information on the ration card.

The names, details, and jobs of the people on the ration card can be found on the page. That means you can use ente ration card app on mobile in the same way as a normal ration card.

Ente ration card is an application run by the Government of Kerala. You can use this app on Android phones. Another feature is that it is very easy to carry and all the information is available on the phone.

Ente Ration card application features

  • The user gets complete ration card information through this app.
  • Application status and type can be checked.
  • All member’s details are listed here.
  • Easy to carry anytime anywhere.
  • More secure than book form.
  • User-friendly interface .
  • The search process is very simple.
  • Include the citizenship and government details.
  • Process-based on Mobile number. It is already linked with the Aadhar number.

How to Check the details in the Ente ration card app?

Step 1: Use the Google play store and search ente ration card app.

step 2: enter your ration card number from the book.

step 3:Click the view my card option. Then an OTP is sent to your Phone number .

Step 4:Enter the OTP correctly. Create a password appeared in the dialog box.

Step 5: Confirm the password once again.Using this password you can access the account.

Step 6: Then Successfully log in to the application. Now you can see all the family details and information from here.

For more information watch the video Given below.



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