How to Download Vehicle Pollution Certificate Online in Kerala

How to Download Vehicle Pollution Certificate Online in Kerala? Traffic rules are being tightened day by day. Therefore the vehicle will have to pay a hefty fine issued without the required documents. In particular, the vehicle’s insurance, pollution certificate must be on hand. In addition, a driver’s license is mandatory. Most services to the Ministry of Transport are available online today. Therefore, the required documents can be provided through the transport site. This is a solution to always carry important documents on hand.

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The pollution certificate of the vehicle can be printed online. Here’s how to download the Vehicle Pollution Certificate online. Thus please check and download the form. Because without PUC not allowed to use vehicles. The most important thing is it is saved on your phone. Besides these read the information carefully.

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How to download a pollution certificate online?

Type in your browser. You will now be taken to the Ministry of Transport website. A lot of menus may be provided here. Enter the online service option.

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All online vehicle-related services can be found here. Select the PUC option at the bottom. Now if you see a pop-up box, you can close it and enter.

You do not need to log in to your account to print the vehicle’s pollution certificate.

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Instead, select the PUC Certificate option at the top. Then type in the vehicle registration number and chassis number. Type the security code below. Click on the PUC Details option.

Now you can see the pollution certificate of your vehicle. Here you can see all the details and photos of the vehicle. It contains information including a number plate. You can also see the date and validity of the certificate. Other vehicle-related units may also be provided.

Importance of Pollution certificate

  • It shows that the vehicle emissions are in correct condition.
  • In India, all vehicles need a pollution certificate for road usage.
  • A valid PUC is compulsory for all vehicles.
  • Once you have done the test easy to download from the website.
  • It is a compulsory document according to the vehicle act.

Read all the information and make sure it is accurate. Then click the Print button. Now the pollution certificate can be viewed in full. You can then download and save it.

This way the pollution certificate can be easily downloaded and stored. They can also be saved on the phone and used during vehicle checking.

What are the Different steps To download the pollution Certificate?

  • Open the web browser and type
  • If the interface is open from the top left menu select PUC certificate.
  • Here you need not want to log in to your account.
  • Enter your Engine and chassis number correctly.
  • Then give the security question and click the view details button.
  • Now all the vehicle information appears.
  • Once check all the information is correct, click the print option.
  • Then you can download the PUC certificate and save it on the phone.

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